Registration form for Overnight Stay at the University of Virginia

Welcome to Registration for the Slave Dwelling Overnight Stay on the University of Virginia Campus

When: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Slave Dwelling Project spends the night at sites where enslaved African Americans lived and worked to bring attention to the sites, the people, their history, and the ways in which they contributed to building and sustaining this country. Sleeping overnight with the Slave Dwelling Project on the campus of the University of Virginia brings us into the center of the University’s initiatives to identify, acknowledge, and memorialize the enslaved workers who built the University buildings and took care of the people in them, and to be engaged with their descendants. Join us for a night of honoring and celebrating the Ancestors who made it possible for us to be here.

The Overnight Stay will begin at: 7:30 pm

It will be over by: 7:00 am

We will be sleeping at McGuffey Cottage and the adjacent upper and lower gardens behind Pavilion IX under a large tent provided by the University

The program for the Overnight Stay:

  •  Greeting by Dr. Marcus Martin
  •  Overview of the Slave Dwelling Project: Joseph McGill, Founder
  •  Stories from the lives of University of Virginia’s enslaved people:
    • Kirt von Daacke
  •  Small group conversations
  •  “Light Up the Night in Honor of the Ancestors” 9:30 PM
  •  Quieter time begins, 10:30 PM
  •  Final wake-up: 6:30 AM

What to wear:

Sweats, socks, maybe a hat – the night could be as chilly as 45 degrees

What to bring:

  •  Sleeping bag OR bedroll (sheet, blankets)
  •  Pad or camping mattress
  •  Pillow
  •  Small kit of personal necessities
  •  Water bottle

Do not bring your own tent, as we will all be under a large marquee style tent.

Registration for the conference is now closed,

thank you for joining us!

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